God’s Perfect Timing

I have just been thinking and researching about how to deal with unanswered prayers. How do we comfort those whose prayers have not been answered?

I went to church today and gave my testimony of what God had done, but I have heard two sisters who I prayed about whose prayers have not been answered. How do I comfort them? How do I let them know that God’s perfect timing is not man’s timing?

I have had the fair share of unanswered prayers, but one thing I know for sure is that God is a timely God. His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are high above our thoughts.

Through the journey of my exam qualification, I have failed 2 papers and I understand what it means when you fail and not having your prayers answered. It feels like the whole world just collapsed on your shoulders.

I have asked God questions, God why, why me? I have even quoted what the scriptures says to back my disappointment…But one thing I know for sure is that, if only you continue to trust God’s timing and do not waiver in your faith He is more than able to come into your situation and turn it around for you.

I will leave this with anyone going through unanswered prayers right now… “The devil brings storms into your life to intimidate you. You glorify God when you continue to do what you know is right anyway”. By Joyce Meyer….

Don’t forget your God who has brought you this far. This situation in accordance to his plan is not the TIME, when THE TIME is due He will glorify Himself.


God bless


Let me know your thoughts with dealing with unanswered prayers the Godly, Christain way. I recommend reading this…. http://www.gotquestions.org/unanswered-prayer.html#ixzz2X49fIknM


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