July my month of Drawing closer to God


I know it’s being three weeks since you last heard from me. I have been really counting my blessings, naming them one by one and thanking God for what he did for me and trying to put a bit of focus into my life.

For the w/c 24th June I travelled to London or more precisely Theobalds Park for a week’s training. I have started to think about the opportunities available where I work and being open to new ideas from friends and people on doing new things. It has been amazing

One of the speakers who spoke during the career event said something that struck me so hard, in summary he said FOCUS is key to succeed in every area of one’s life, and of course with a bit of discipline and God factor.

I had the chance to reflect on my life where I was, where I wanted to go and believe me I appreciated the so called little things in life. I took pictures of my breakfast, enjoyed my bed to maximum and took time to get more organised since I didn’t have any other stuff to do than wake up, bath. I didn’t have to think about what to sort out for breakfast, lunch and dinner . It was a good way to relax and celebrate my success. I came back so refreshened that I took to ensuring I am more organised and putting a focus in my life.

I had the chance to count my blessings as that was my first time visiting Theobalds without having an impending exam, I was free to enjoy every bit of workplace pampering (not sure that is what you will call it, but I have learnt to appreciate even the tiniest things in life)

Something really sad happened on 30th June 2013, we had just closed from church and were organising ourselves to visit 2 members of our church who have just had babies…an unfortunate event happened and a very good friend of mine’s daughter got knocked down by a car. She was in a pool of blood but the good Lord saved her from the jaws of death. She was jumping up and down by 7pm in the evening to the glory of God.

To me, it means one ought to continue praying and seeking the face of God more and more.

For the w/c 1st July, I have dedicated this month to drawing closer to God. I am believing Him for greater things will update you on what I have been up to after.

I am currently on a fashion course 101 (since 7th July 2013), a friend gave me a gift which changed the way I look. I am not so used to it and I can remember being stuck to my seat the whole of Monday not that it wasn’t nice just that I am the more reserved kind of person (not really though!) and can’t really make do with colors in my hair. However, am trying to adapt to it.

I could go on and on, but need to stop here.

As usual keep bearing me in your prayers.

God bless



2 thoughts on “July my month of Drawing closer to God

  1. Thanks for the update on your journey! Praying you are finding closeness to God as you are halfway through the month. x

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