2014 BYE BYE

2014 Bye Bye

I promised to update my blog following a review I received that my messages had blessed a reader.

Hmm, as usual 2014 was the year of the unknown, but the fact is we know our GOD and we shall do exploits.

In summary 2014 started as a great year. I finally passed my driving test  in Jan (after 3 fails….lol) and the  best of that testimony is that I wanted to pass my test before Jo turned 3, I passed just a day before he turned 3… Lesson 1 – be specific with your expectations and never give up.

That was a start to a great year, then I started thinking oh my I am getting so close to 30 and do not even have a boyfriend, it never really bothered me initially but celebrating my birthday in January got me thinking when would I even start a relationship and come to think of possibly getting to know each other better and before even starting to think about settling down with the person… um…. On my birthday instead of being very grateful for an added year I was complaining… God forgive me. Good thing is I got out of that feeling of desperation, when would this ever be, will I ever get married feeling by leaving it to God, I prayed to God and rather than complain I decided to be grateful for the added year unto my life – Lesson 2 – My timetable might not be God’s timetable, enjoy everyday (I assumed by 25 I am already hitched and possibly expecting my baby…lol).

January, February, March was really busy and long hours at work as it was our busy season, it always feels like it would never end, but indeed nothing is permanent, it ended as everything else always does (Lesson 3 – nothing is permanent look past the situation you are in). By this time, I have started to look at cars and had decided on what type of car I wanted, but couldn’t afford it, not to talk of the huge car insurance bill awaiting me as a new driver…. And here is me again complaining and being so desperate to drive a car… Lesson 4 the period of waiting can be painful, but please don’t complain.

In mid- April, I finally sorted a car with insurance etc, but won’t drive past my neighbourhood or drive on motorways. But gradually things fell in place and I started driving. Well praise be to God for His goodness.

In April as well, I met a very wonderful, God fearing person (in due course this would be explained better).  This person has been a rock, God sent, I call him Honestito papa – he is honest to a fault, lol but I thank God for his life. (So you see why there really was no need to complain – God knows the desires of your heart – but don’t focus on the problem focus on God and what he can do).

May – July a lot of things didn’t go according to plan as I would have wanted a couple of things. I would cry my hearts out trying to figure out why God would allow certain things to happen, why it would seem that our enemies are winning – hmmm but don’t be deceived they have never won, they will never win. God says He would never leave you nor forsake you. If God allowed it there is a reason for it.

One other lesson I have learnt is about dreams – I have a gift whereby I do get revelations about certain things before they happen. It gets revealed to me, no matter how bad they are. But there is one lesson I hadn’t learnt, which honestito papa pointed out to me – God reveals to redeem – if He has revealed it (even if it is bad dream just believe God showed it to you for a reason and He has put a provision for your redemption so don’t let your dreams scare you, know God showed it to you for a reason, that battle has been won already).

The rest of the months leading to Dec 2014, has been tough but God always had great people beside me to encourage me, pray with me etc, one of my key dreams was answered after so many frustrations around getting it sorted, but when God starts something in your life, he would definitely bring it to good completion…don’t fret, just keep trusting.

The God that saw you through last year, last month, last week, yesterday is the Same God and no matter what He would see you through. Don’t give up – and anytime you really feel like giving up trust me that is where you break through is, I almost gave up in December was doing a pity party of myself, but that was not necessary – FOCUS is, GOD is.

2014 – thanks for all the lessons I have learnt…. Key thing is to relax and know that God is God.

I look forward to 2015, there would be so many breakthroughs coming my way in Jesus Name. Key thing is having Faith that our God who has called us, He is Faithful.

I look forward to a FAITH FILLED 2015.

Bless you if you have read this far.

Hope this blog has been a blessing to you…  kindly leave some comments or word of advice.


1 thought on “2014 BYE BYE

  1. Dear Joan.
    (I know…luv shortenin ur name) Thanks so much for listening and continuing your writing. Really great hearing from you. This is a great way to commune and grow our faith.
    Would like to share smtin about your lesson for May- July.
    Its true, honestly undeniably true that our enenmies never win. As a child of God, He assures us that all things are workin together for our good at all points of our lives: irrespective of what we are going through.
    Can you imagine the devil’s face when Sarah, Rachel and Rebekah couldn’t give birth? Or especially
    When Jesus met his ‘end’ on the cross??
    The devil must have really gloated, thinking that he had triumphed.
    Yet what he didn know was that he had infact worked into God’s scheme of things: and by his actions rather unveiled God’s greater purpose. So our enemies unknowingly work into God’s scheme of things for our lives.
    You seee at any point in time His purposes far outweigh anything we can imagine or contemplate. For did the devil ever think that by killing Jesus, he ws actually aiding in the ultimate sacrifice for the whole of mankind? If that ws it, he wouldn’t have bothered Judas at alll.
    How can a mere creation know the mind of His Creator that a simple killing of a man can result in salvation for the whole human race- past, present and future.
    So…at certain times in our lives, we feel removed. We feel God is not showin His hand quickly enough. But just as there was a godly and pre-arranged time for Sarah, Rachel and Rebekah to give birth, so is there a prearranged, divinely ordained time for our plant (whatever God’s work is) to bear ripened fruit.
    So whenever we feel low or in those down times where we seem to want t bliv that our enemies are winning, lets remember that His purposes are being worked out and our plant will bear fruit soon.
    Also the devil has no incline of what our God is really doing in our lives, neither does our enemies.
    Lets have faith and prepare to be stupefied.

    A faithfilled 2015 with divinely ordained stupefication.

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